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Most cops aren't good. The statement makes our inaction tolerable as POCs visibly abused/killed.

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The police said their policy dictated that they put these innocent women and little girls in handcuffs and on the ground because of policy. BS. Do you think if that were a white family they'd do that? Hell no.

Why I have zero, trust in cops. Punto final!

Watch the full episode here.

Many get upset when I say this. Any person of color who trusts the police whether the cops are white or a person of color does not understand the current reality of policing. The mistreatment of POCs by cops is ingrained. Whether implicitly or explicitly, they learn to believe that POCs are less than and their bodies can be disrespected. (e.g., the bodies of Michael Brown and others murdered by police left unattended for hours in the open.)

Even when cops kill POCs, the treatment of the body thereafter is tantamount to desecration. Make no mistake. Until we stop fooling ourselves that most cops are good, we will continue to see these bad things occurring. The constancy of mistreatment, most unreported says the exact opposite. Goodness would have called out and smothered their cancer.

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