Morons' Watergate: Impeachment inquiry continues, despite numerous diversions


What a day. Trump opines: “You people with this phony Emoluments Clause” because apparently there’s a US Constitution.

So much diversionary activity as Trump repeats campaign lies during his “Cabinet meeting” press opportunity. That event was meant to offset the failed Mulvaney press briefing of last week and the even more disastrous TV appearances.

Gaslighting Nation continues today with another version of the “Russian asset” meme as Trump pointed toward Tulsi Gabbard in hopes that Hillary Clinton becomes the real criminal. 

Just remember that some criminal investigations are continuing, despite all the distractions, including a claim by Jacob Wohl that Ted Cruz is a “swinger”. 

“You people with this phony Emoluments Clause”

We need to be clearer that some GOP lawmakers are fully behind Trump because they *affirmatively support* his act of corruptly pressuring Ukraine to investigate (i.e., smear) Biden.

Because NATO allies can be attacked?

Then there’s this sideshow while we wait for Wohl to go to jail. Say hello to Ted’s “little friend”.

In other RWNJ distractions:

  • October 21, 2019
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