Donald Trump’s mewling vestigial twin Lindsey Graham has been whining about how his Democratic Senate opponent, Jaime Harrison, is “killing” him financially.

Just look at this nattering nabob of negativity:



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Well, it’s about to get worse, Lindsey.

The Washington Post:

The main super PAC supporting the election of Democrats to the Senate is preparing to invest millions in South Carolina — a fresh signal that Democrats see the race against Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) as winnable.
Senate Majority PAC will launch a new, $6.5 million ad campaign in South Carolina on Monday, marking the first time that the super PAC has gone on the air this cycle in the traditional GOP stronghold. The effort to bolster Democrat Jaime Harrison’s prospects includes $5 million in television ads and a $1.5 million digital campaign.

“There’s a reason Lindsey Graham is hitting the panic button and begging for donations on cable news: He’s vulnerable and he knows it,” said the super PAC’s president, J.B. Poersch. “Jaime Harrison has put this seat in play by running a strong campaign and earning the trust of South Carolinians who are ready for change.”

Hie thee to thine fainting couch, Lindsey. This could get rough.

I guess people are giving to Harrison because they hate Graham so much. Well, here’s your chance to hate him more.

Give to Jaime if you can spare it. There’s still plenty of time to make Yertle the Traitorous Asshole minority Senate leader. FiveThirtyEight gives Harrison a puncher’s chance, and his prospects seem to be improving.

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