More than 900 law professors sign letter saying Kavanaugh unfit for SCOTUS

The list includes eight professors from Yale, THE NUMBER ONE LAW SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY!

From HuffPo:

More than 500 law professors [now more than 900; see update] from nearly 100 law schools around the nation have signed a letter to the U.S. Senate to say that the volatile temperament Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh displayed on Thursday as he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee disqualifies him from sitting on the nation’s highest court.

“We regret that we feel compelled to write to you to provide our views that at the Senate hearings on Thursday, September 27, 2018, the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh displayed a lack of judicial temperament that would be disqualifying for any court, and certainly for elevation to the highest court of this land,” the letter says.

The letter is signed by many high-profile law professors, including eight from Yale Law School, where Kavanaugh obtained his law degree. The letter remains open for additional signatures through Thursday, when it will be presented to the Senate.

To which I say, “duh.”

Of course, the list of jobs Kavanaugh is temperamentally unfit for also includes Best Buy cashier and old-timey bowling alley pin-setter. He’d be a perfect WWE wrestler, but he needs to put on some weight (more beer, maybe?) and he has to have a nickname and a gimmick. Maybe “Judge Two-Fister” or “The Two Fists of Justice”? Those work on so many levels!

I wish Bruce Banner, Esq., the best in his future pursuits. He just doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court.

And, it turns out, lots of very smart people agree with me.

(Here’s a copy of the letter.)

UPDATE: It’s now more than 900. See this link. h/t Just Bob


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