More than 130 Secret Service members quarantining in wake of Trump superspreader rallies

Johnny Virus-seed has really done a number on this country. Not only has he dutifully ignored the now-resurgent pandemic, he’s done everything in his power to personally contribute to it.

And while Secret Service officers would famously take a bullet for POTUS, I don’t think they signed up for this.

The Washington Post:

More than 130 Secret Service officers who help protect the White House and the president when he travels have recently been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they tested positive for the coronavirus or had close contact with infected co-workers, according to three people familiar with agency staffing.

The spread of the coronavirus — which has sidelined roughly 10 percent of the agency’s core security team — is believed to be partly linked to a series of campaign rallies that President Trump held in the weeks before the Nov. 3 election, according to the people, who, like others interviewed for this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the situation.

Of course, now that Trump thinks he’s immune to COVID, he probably enjoys seeing “weaker” (i.e., poorer) people coming down with it. And he’s likely thrilled to see his wonky herd immunity plan coming to fruition so close to home. Even if it does kill some of the people who are sworn to protect his life.

Trump went on a travel blitz in the final stretch of the campaign, making five campaign stops on each of the last two days. On Nov. 2, Trump’s campaign schedule required five separate groups of Secret Service officers — each numbering 20 to several dozen — to travel to Fayetteville, N.C.; Scranton, Pa.; Traverse City, Mich.; and Kenosha and Grand Rapids, Wis.; to screen spectators and secure the perimeter around the president’s events. President-elect Joe Biden made two campaign stops that day that also required Secret Service protection, but in smaller numbers.

Oh, and in case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, all that travel was as useless as a spray-tan on a manatee. Trump lost. And now hundreds of families have to worry about their loved ones.

Putting people in mortal danger for no reason — that’s our Donald!

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