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More Political Hostage Taking by Mitch McConnell.

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Soooooo Mitch McConnell has been busy thinking of ways to grab more political hostages in order to force Democrats to cave to Trump’s demand for a wall.  We can now add disaster survivors and abused women to furloughed government workers and undocumented immigrants.   According to Tigerbeat on the Potomac

Senate Republicans plan to include $12.7 billion in disaster aid and government funding through the end of the fiscal year in their bill to advance President Donald Trump's immigration proposal.

The president's plan will test Democrats’ solidarity, pitting border security funding against protections for young immigrants and refugees. Now, it will also force Democrats to vote against bipartisan funding levels, aid for disaster-hit communities and an extension of the Violence Against Women Act, according to a summary of the Senate plan, obtained by POLITICO.

As I have repeatedly said on here, never underestimate the callousness and cruelty of Mitch McConnell.  A man willing to kill people to make a political point — throwing 500,000 of his own constituents off of their healthcare — will go to any lengths to win.  McConnell has “sweetened” this deal with “I have some suffering Puerto Ricans and California residents and abused women for you Democrats.  Just give in to Trump to help all those people.”

I have already heard some BS about how McConnell is a deal maker.  He is not.  McConnell takes your ransom and gives Democrats the equivalent of dead bodies.

The good news is that Democrats understand this, at least for now.  And they are not playing that game again.  

What makes this even worse is that unelected President Coulter has already called this latest ploy by Trump “amnesty.”  That word sank the previous deal that gave Trump his fuckin’ wall.  McConnell knows that this bill will not pass the senate.  This is only being done to shift the blame for the government shutdown to Democrats.

This is the equivalent to a kidnapper killing the hostage and pinning the crime on the hostage’s family.  

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