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More Epstein and Dershowitz Vileness.

Durrati has already written a diary about Alan Dershowitz’s vile claims against Virginia L. Giuffre.  She is one of Esptein’s victims, and Guffrie is suing Dershowitz for defamation in federal court.  This is what she has claimed in her defamation suit:

Defendant Dershowitz was Epstein’s attorney, close friend, and co-conspirator.  Dershowitz was also a participant in sex trafficking, including as one of the men to whom Epstein lent out Plaintiff for sex.

7.   When Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking in 2006, Dershowitz defended his friend and client by falsely attacking the veracity of his accusers, including calling the children whom Epstein had abused (and, in the case of Plaintiff, the Defendant himself had also abused),liars and prostitutes.

And it just got worse.  You can read it for yourself in the link.  The bottom line is that Dershowitz publicly called her a liar and a prostitute, and Giuffre is suing the bastard.

As a non-lawyer and given the video from The Root, I’d say she has a case.  Who makes an argument about child prostitutes making decisions about their life at age 15?

Well, there is a woman in Kentucky who has filed an affidavit to Guiffre’s suit about her own sexual abuse at the hands of Epstein.  She worked for Epstein, and she stated that Dershowitz was well aware of Epstein’s behavior.  The woman’s name is Maria Farmer, and here is what she had to say about Epstein and Dershowitz:

“Alan Dershowitz was an individual who came to visit Epstein at his New York mansion a number of times when I was working for Epstein,” she wrote.

“Dershowitz was very comfortable at the home and would come in and walk upstairs,” she added. “On a number (of) occasions I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house.”

Dershowitz claims that there is no way for Farmer to know or have any of the above information because they did not “overlap” in time.

Additionally, Farmer claims that she was lured into a bedroom by Ghislaine Maxwell, and both Maxwell and Epstein sexually assaulted her.

There is lot more vileness in the story.

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