Mooo(t): litigious cowpoke Devin Nunes (CA-22) cannot hold Twitter accountable for parody accounts


It couldn’t be the case that Devin Nunes suffered hardship because he did things that jeopardized the Republic.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) cannot include Twitter in his lawsuit against two parody accounts and a Republican strategist he accuses of defaming him on the platform, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Twitter cannot be held legally liable for statements by the accounts and strategist Liz Mair, Judge John Marshall ruled, citing federal law.

The California Republican, Marshall wrote, “seeks to have the court treat Twitter as the publisher or speaker of the content provided by others based on its allowing or not allowing certain content to be on its internet platform,” adding “the court refuses to do so,” according to the Fresno Bee.

In the 2019 lawsuit, Nunes claimed that Mair and the anonymous accounts, which post in character as Nunes's cow and his mother, respectively, did injury to his reputation and caused him to win his 2018 re-election with only 53 percent of the vote after winning with 68 percent in 2016. He also accused the social media platform of negligence for allowing the statements to be made, the newspaper reported.

Lawyers for Twitter cited Section 230, the federal law that states social media platforms are not responsible for content posted by third parties unless they helped develop or create it. Nunes’s attorney Steven Biss claimed the company favored liberal over conservative content and that it had promoted content mocking Nunes, and that as a result the Section 230 protections did not apply.…




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