Montana Poll Shows Democrats Are Within Margin of Error for Sen., Gov., and US Congress…

A newly released survey from the NYT/Siena Poll, rated A+, shows Democratic candidates all  within four points of winning the US Senate, US House, and Governor races in Montana. Joe Biden only trails by 6% in a state Trump won by 20% in 2016.

These races look likely to all move in tandem considering how similar the margins are. The Senate seat is the big prize if Steve Bullock can make up a 3% gap.

The poll was taken of likely voters October 18-20 and has margin of error of 4.4%

Race Democrat Republican Others
Siena/NYT Poll of Montana Races
President Biden     43% Trump       49%     Jorgensen  3%
US Senate Bullock  46% Daines        49%             –
Governor Cooney  44% Gianforte   48%             –
US House Williams 46% Rosendale   50%    Bishop 4%

All recent Montana Polls are here. Bullock has a 1% or 2% edge in a couple of surveys.