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Monkeys in India kill and tear each other apart in a fight over water during brutal 122F heatwave.

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p style=”text-align:left”>‘This is rare and strange as herbivores don’t indulge in such conflicts.’  Madhya Pradesh District, forest officer PN Mishra

Around 15 primates may have died after clashing over water in 50C temperatures in India, according to reports.

The previously unheard of behavior occurred during the current heatwave in central India. The heatwave has caused serious water shortages to rivers and lakes in many parts of India. 

NDTV reports:

Bhopal: The scarcity of water in the season of searing heat has spilled over from the concrete jungles to the forests of Madhya Pradesh. A battle over water is likely one of the reasons behind the death of more than a dozen monkeys, according to forest officials.
A boy from a village in Madhya Pradesh's Dewas along the Punjapura Joshi Baba forest range in Bagli had gone to the forest to graze goats when he saw the dead monkeys. He later informed his fellow villagers, who in turn contacted the officers of the forest department.

A team lead by District Forest Officer PN Mishra reached the spot, located 65 km from the Dewas district headquarters, and launched a probe to investigate all possibilities, including that of a battle between rival groups of monkeys over water.

The incident comes at a time when temperatures in the region during the day have touched the 45-degree mark.

While nine monkeys were found dead inside caves and outside of them too on Thursday, six more monkey carcasses were found on Friday.

“We're probing all possibilities, including the possibility of conflict between groups of monkeys for water in the forest which led to the death of 15 monkeys from a 30-35-strong group of monkeys living in the caves,” the district forest officer said.

Seventeen people have died from the heat as well. Forty percent of India’s land mass is in severe drought. Violence and war are one of the predicted impacts in our rapidly heating world.

I don’t know about you, but I have become scared shitless of what we are seeing with climate impacts lately. Our reckless experiment on our biosphere promises an increasingly ugly and violent world. 

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