I live in Virginia, where we have now entered phase 1b for vaccination.

On Sunday  notices were sent out as to who was eligible. As a teacher in the Pre-K through 12 range, I was included.

Our medical care is through Virginia Hospital Center, where my wife’s cancer was largely treated, and where I had had surgery for a stent in my aorta in 2016, and an additional surgery to clear the blockage in my neck that had caused my stroke.  It was an  email from them that got me going.

I immediately went on line and scheduled an appointment, which was supposed to be for Thursday afternoon, but I was called on Monday and it was moved up to the same time yesterday.  Once I registered I had to enter online my medical insurance information, answer some questions about my health, and as a result of my age also fill out a questionnaire from Medicare.  Since this was a site associated with the hospital with which our primary care provider is located (as well as my wife’s oncologist) they already had all my medical information in the computer

It was in a building at the south end of Arlington County, about a 15 minute drive from my house, one that has a large and free parking garage under the building.

I arrived 30 minutes early, and they were able to process me within ten minutes.  We waited outside in a hallway, with entry controlled by a rather large (about 6’6” and muscular) security guard (not armed). From when I entered to when I left the room, which had 4 stations for receiving the vaccination, to when I left was less than ten minutes. That included being checked in, getting the injection, and getting scheduled for my 2nd injection after exactly 4 weeks.

I received the Moderna vaccine.

I went to the garage to wait 15 minutes  to ensure I did not have an adverse reaction.  I then drove home.

The only side effect I have had is some soreness at the injection site, my non-dominant arm. It is now more than 29 hours since I received the injection.

I am still maintain all precautions with which we have been living.

I am hopeful that if my wife can also get vaccinated, which may be relatively soon, I might actually be able to return to teaching in a fully hybrid basis, that is, with me in my classroom with some  of my students with the rest remote and virtual.  That will be a major change.  I have been totally virtual since the last time I taught in person on March 13 of last year.

Don’t hesitate. If you can get vaccinated, do so, for your sake, and for the rest of us.

Keep social distancing.

Wear a good mask.

Wash/wipe as recommended.


  • January 15, 2021