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Modern Slavery: The real fight QAnon are polluting with their insanity.

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The modern slave trade.

Forced Labour : 25,000,000

Sexually exploited: 4,800,000 [99% women]

State sponsored: 4,100,000

Forced marriages: 15,400,000 [71% women]

Total: 49,300,000

Women represent [excluding the sex trade] 55% of the total.

Another 40,000,000 are living in slave like conditions [eg N. Korea]

While there is only limited information compiled globally on trafficking persons for the purpose of organ removal, it is possible to get some insight by looking at the broader statistics on organ transplants. An estimated 126,670 solid organ transplants were performed worldwide in 2015. The World Health Organization (WHO) conservatively estimates that the illegal organ trade comprises approximately 10 percent of global transplant activity. Revenue from the illegal trade is estimated to range between US$840 million and US$1.7 billion.

Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour

This report highlights how forced labour – which in the private economy generates US$ 150 billion in illegal profits per year, about three times more than previously estimated – thrives in the incubator of poverty and vulnerability, low levels of education and literacy

When did their Chosen One do anything about this apart from taking credit for in effect doing less than before?

But, taken together, these seemingly small changes amount to a systematic dismantling of services for America’s most vulnerable communities, particularly noncitizen victims.

Plus listening to the Chosen One

Listening to Trump, one would think that a rigorous examination of slavery and its implications was a central fixture of American classrooms. Recent surveys, however, show that young people in America have enormous gaps in what they understand about the history of slavery in this country

To those involved in a crazy conspiracy theory who really want to fight neo-slavery there are plenty of opportunities to fight it rationally.

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