MO-Sen: Fox News Poll Shows A Tied Race Between Claire McCaskill (D) & Josh Hawley (R)

Here’s the latest news out of Missouri courtesy of the latest Fox News poll:

The Missouri Senate race is a toss-up.  Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill and her Republican challenger Josh Hawley tie at 43 percent apiece.

Another four percent support another candidate, and nine percent are undecided.

The race was also tied, 43-43 percent, at the beginning of October.

McCaskill has a 10-point advantage in party support:  93 percent of Democrats back her compared to 83 percent of Republicans going for Hawley.  The preference among independents splits.

Men break for Hawley by four points.  Women favor McCaskill by three.

Whites with a college degree support McCaskill by 6 points, while whites without a degree go for Hawley by 16.

More Democrats than Republicans are extremely interested in the election (55 vs. 48 percent respectively).

The candidates also tie in a hypothetical two-way matchup: 45-45 percent.

Among the subgroup of extremely interested voters, Hawley is up by three points in the two-way matchup, while McCaskill is up by one point in the expansive ballot.

Fifty-four percent of Missouri likely voters approve of Trump’s job performance, which nearly matches his 57 percent of the vote in 2016.

Click here for the full results.

We can still win this race but we have to make sure the base comes out and vote on Election Day. Click below to get involved with McCaskill and her fellow Show Me State Democrats:

Claire McCaskill

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