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MO-Sen: Fox News Poll Has Claire McCaskill (D) Leading Josh Hawley (R) 44-41

 Some encouraging news today out of Missouri courtesy of…. Fox News’ latest poll:

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a two-term incumbent, tops her Republican challenger Josh Hawley by a narrow 44-41 percent margin, according to a Fox News poll of Missouri likely voters.  Her three-point edge is within the poll’s margin of sampling error.  Third-party candidates get six percent.

While women back McCaskill by nine, the candidates are tied among white women.  Men go for Hawley by four points.  Suburban women support McCaskill by 14 points, while white evangelical Christians prefer Hawley by 34.

McCaskill gets stronger support among Democrats, 90 percent, than Hawley captures among Republicans (79 percent).  Missouri voters are more likely to identify as Republican than Democrat by seven points.

“Assuming partisans come home by Election Day, as is typical, Hawley will benefit,” says Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News poll with Republican counterpart Daron Shaw.

“But if Republicans splinter to independent and Libertarian candidates as they are showing signs of now, that could be the difference in the race.”

Seventy-nine percent of McCaskill’s backers are certain they will vote for her — far more than the 68 percent of Hawley’s supporters who are sure.

The race could change.  Eight percent of Missouri likely voters are undecided.  Plus, 27 percent of those currently backing a candidate say they could change their mind before November.

Let’s keep up the momentum and win this race. Click here to donate and get involved with McCaskill’s re-election campaign.

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