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Mnuchin says doing business with foreigners is okay for Trump's family, but not Biden's

Steve Mental Munchkin was on State of the Union with Jake Tapper this morning when, out of nowhere, the feculent fumes of rank hypocrisy suddenly filled the studio.

Attempting to defend Trump’s clearly impeachable attempt to strong-arm Ukraine’s president into investigating Joe Biden, Mnuchin swallowed hard and proceeded to tie himself into a series of soft, salty pretzels.

Here’s a portion of the exchange:

TAPPER: If, for instance, President Obama had pressured a foreign leader, Putin or the president of Ukraine, and said, “I want you to look into Donald Trump Jr., or I want you to look into Eric Trump” — international businessmen, both of them — would you not find that inappropriate?

MNUCHIN: Again, I’m not going to speculate on that. What I do find is inappropriate is the fact that Vice President Biden at the time’s son did very significant business dealings in Ukraine. I, for one, find that to be concerning, and to me that’s the issue perhaps that should be further investigated.

TAPPER: Well, I don’t understand. So it’s okay for Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to do business all over the world, it’s okay for Ivanka Trump to have copyrights approved all over the world while President Trump is president? But while Vice President Biden was vice president his son shouldn’t have been able to do business dealings?

MNUCHIN: Again, I don’t really want to go into more of these details, other than to say …

TAPPER: Well, you’re setting a precedent that [crosstalk] the president is violating …

MNUCHIN: Again, I think there’s a significant difference in what you’re saying, okay, in what I was saying between Biden and his son’s relationship with the Ukraine oligarch and potential business dealings that the Trump Organization has had which predated his presidency.

TAPPER: Again, to underline, the Ukrainian prosecutor has said there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Silly Tapper. There is a significant difference between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Trump’s ongoing grift. And it couldn’t be more obvious, ya moron. Trump is doing it as a Republican. So it’s okay. Read our Constitution. It must be in there somewhere. (There are more differences, of course. For instance, the money from Biden’s son’s business deals weren’t going directly into Joe Biden’s pocket. But let’s not split hairs, okay?)

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Here’s a link to the interview, in case you haven’t had breakfast yet and/or have a really strong stomach.

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