MN-Sen: Tina Smith (D) Fights To Protect The Transparency Of The Mueller Report From Trump A.G.

Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Tina Smith’s (D. MN) re-election campaign:

Sen. Tina Smith (D. MN)

This just in, friend: CNN is reporting that Special Counsel Mueller is expected to complete his investigation into the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia as soon as next week.

I believe the American people deserve to see the full report. But Attorney General Barr said he would publish his own report of findings from the Mueller investigation — which means he can edit out whatever Trump wants to hide.

That’s why I’m calling on Congress to guarantee maximum possible transparency once the Mueller report is released. I need 5,000 people to sign my petition today to stand with me and call for the Mueller report to be made public. Will you add your name right now? Each signature on this petition shows Congress the American people are demanding the truth about Russian interference in our elections.

For months, we’ve been fighting to ensure Mueller and his team are able to find out the truth about foreign interference. With the investigation potentially wrapping up soon, now is the time to double down on this fight.

Let's do this,

Tina Smith

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