Some good news today out of Minnesota courtesy of SurveyUSA’s latest poll:


DFL incumbent United States Senator Tina Smith was appointed to her position when Al Franken resigned. Though Smith is not well known by Minnesotans after two years in office, her Republican challenger, Jason Lewis, is less well known. At this hour, the contest stands:

  • Smith 47%
  • Lewis 36%
  • Smith's lead comes entirely from women, among whom she leads by 22 points. The contest is tied among men.
  • Independents break for the incumbent Democrat by 19 points; moderates break for the Democrat by 25 points.
  • Of those voting for Biden, 84% stick with fellow Democrat Smith.
  • Of those voting for Trump, 77% stick with fellow Republican Lewis.
  • Smith has a Net Favorability Rating of Plus 7.
  • Lewis has a Net Favorability Rating of Plus 2.

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