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MN-Sen: New Poll Has Sen. Tina Smith (D) Beating Jason Lewis (R) 45-35, Biden Beating Trump 47-40

Here’s the latest news today out of Minnesota:


They also polled the presidential race:

Former Vice President Joe Biden (47 percent) leads President Donald Trump (40 percent) in Minnesota, according to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll of voters likely to cast ballots in the November presidential election. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen was the choice of 2 percent of voters, while Independent Alliance Party candidate Rocky De La Fuente and independent Kanye West each received 1 percent, with another 1 percent divided among others on the ballot. Six percent of voters were undecided.

There are nine presidential candidates certified on the Minnesota ballot.

Demographic divide

  • Gender – Trump leads 50-35 among men and Biden leads 57-31 among women.
  • Education – Trump leads 49-38 among high school grads or less, Biden leads 62-30 among college grads or higher.
  • Gun owners – Trump leads 53-32 among gun owners and Biden leads 68-22 among non-gun owning households.
  • Issues – Trump leads 75-14 among those who said jobs/economy is the most important issue and Biden leads 79-17 among those who said COVID-19 is most important; 78-13 among those who say healthcare is most important; and 90-0 among those who say climate change is most important.
  • Race – Biden led Trump 47-44 among whites and 53-21 among non-whites. However, West received 6 percent of the non-white vote and De La Fuente and Jorgensen each received 3 percent, with 9 percent undecided.

“On the surface, Kanye West’s 1 percent looks meaningless in the grand scheme of things,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. “But if he continues to win 6 percent of non-white voters, it comes at Joe Biden’s expense and, although it doesn’t matter right now, it could matter if the race closes to a 1- or 2-point race.”

In 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by just over 1 percent in Minnesota.

Click here for the full results.

I cover a lot of Senate races so some things to go through the cracks but I wanted to give you two reminders about why Jason Lewis is so awful. First, there’s this:

Jason Lewis, a former GOP congressman running for a US Senate seat in Minnesota, dismissed in a 1999 television show sexual harassment and assault in K-12 schools as being insignificant cases of children teasing each other and argued against a school's legal responsibility to limit harassment between students.

Lewis made the comments on “Face to Face,” a public affairs television program he co-hosted in the late 1990s and early 2000s in Minnesota, in response to what was then a recent Supreme Court case, Davis v. Monroe County School Board.
At the center of Davis v. Monroe was a fifth-grade girl in Georgia who experienced months of sexual harassment from a male classmate, in which the classmate allegedly “would sexually taunt her by trying to grab at her breasts, rub against her in the hallways, or whisper that he wanted to 'get in bed' with her,” according to reporting from The Washington Post. The girl's mother stated that she tried for months to get the school to stop the boy, but that she was ignored.
A members-only social media network founded in 2013 by former representative Jason Lewis, the current Republican nominee for Senate in Minnesota, hosted message boards that promoted a pro-Hitler documentary, called for migrants to be put in camps, and raised money for an ad campaign that paid Lewis and his business partners.

In 2014, Lewis sat down with Fox Business host John Stossel to promote the network, which he called Galt.io, after the hero of an Ayn Rand novel. Lewis, still a talk radio host, explained that Galt.io would be a closed community whose members could invest using a digital currency earned with their participation or bought with real money. The Galtcoins functioned like Reddit upvotes, signaling which topics people cared the most about as they invested into “causes” or “missions.”

“We’re not going to tell people what causes are going to win,” Lewis told Stossel. “That’s going to be a function of the marketplace. So once that cause is out there, what people are interested in is going to be determined on Galt.io.”
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