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MN-05: Democracy for America & Progressive Change Campaign Committee Stand With Ilhan Omar (D)

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Received two e-mails yesterday in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D. MN-05). The first one from Democracy for America:

Since her election, Rep. Ilhan Omar has been an prime target for white supremacists on the right.

Posters linking her to the 9/11 attacks were hung in the West Virginia Capitol, death threats fill her inbox and voicemail, and her character is consistently attacked — all in attempt to silence her.

As if the attacks from Republicans and extremist weren’t enough — now, Ilhan has become the target of attacks from her own party.

Tomorrow, Democrats will introduce a carefully-worded resolution targeting anti-semitism. Although the resolution avoids any mention of Ilhan Omar directly, given the timing and push from the far-right it’s hard to interpret it as anything other than an attempt to shame her into silence.

And yet, Ilhan continues to speak out. We need to show her that we are grateful to have her voice in Congress today.

We're sending a thank-you card to Ilhan Omar to let her know that we stand with her in the fight for equality, justice, and liberation for all. Will you sign it and add your words of support today?

Far-right white supremacists will take this move by Congress as an excuse to escalate their attacks on Ilhan. By introducing this legislation, Democrats are placing a target on the back of a Black Muslim woman who already occupies the center of so much bigotry and hate.

White supremacy is pervasive — its ability to be both boisterous and quiet is the reason it has managed to survive throughout the history of the United States.

It’s easy to identify the actions of a white supremacist like Donald Trump, Steven Miller, or David Duke. They wear their bigotry and hatred on their sleeves — they embrace it. But often times, white supremacy comes through in more subtle actions and assumptions — and this Congressional action is proof that it’s not just the right-wing that is guilty of upholding it.

Today, as Democrats tear down their colleague in the service of bigotry, anti-semitism and Islamophobia, Rep. Ilhan Omar needs your support.

Sign our thank-you card and leave a brief message to let Ilhan know that you are standing with her — and we will deliver your message to her in Washington D.C.

Rep. Omar’s fierce fight to end corruption in our legislative system is an important one. House Democrats should be standing by their colleague not issuing off-handed condemnations.

We’re proud to be standing with Ilhan today.


Brieanna Fisher, Democracy for America
Political Director

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The other e-mail I received was from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

The media and Twitter are abuzz about this shocking and saddening mess:

NBC: GOP's anti-Muslim display likening Rep. Omar to a terrorist rocks W. Virginia capitol

CNN: Rep. Ilhan Omar blasts GOP over poster linking her with the 9/11 attacks

ThinkProgress: As Ilhan Omar endures anti-Muslim racism, most lawmakers in Congress remain silent

Also outrageous, some congressional Democrats are attacking Congresswoman Omar for speaking out against big-money influence in politics.

Ilhan Omar is a progressive rockstar — one of AOC's top allies pushing bold ideas into the congressional debate. And she's been part of the PCCC family for years, attending our first National Candidate Training. We need to get her back!

Can you express your solidarity and urge every congressional Democrat to show public solidarity with Ilhan Omar — not attack her — in the face of anti-Muslim racist attacks? Please sign here. (After you sign, we'll give you a number to call Rep. Karen Bass.)

Please also chip in $1 to Ilhan Omar and each congressional Democrat who stands with Ilhan and does not attack her. We'll keep updating this ActBlue page.

The FBI is also investigating a death threat when “Assassinate Ilhan Omar” was recently found scrawled in a local gas station.

Already, some Democrats who flipped red districts blue have publicly defended Ilhan — such as Antonio Delgado (NY-19), Elissa Slotkin (MI-08), Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11), and Haley Stevens (MI-11). Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08) did, and progressive stalwarts Ayanna Pressley (MA-7), Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), and AOC (NY-14) did too.

But Reps. Juan Vargas (CA-51) and Nita Lowey (NY-18) thought this would be a really good time to go on Twitter and…attack Ilhan while defending big-money interests. It's shameful. Absolutely shameful.

This is a time to stand up and be counted. Can you stand in solidarity? And can you urge all congressional Democrats to publicly get Ilhan Omar's back? Sign here.

(And please reward those who do the right thing by chipping in $1 to all House Democrats who stand with Ilhan and did not attack her.)

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green (@AdamGreen)and Stephanie Taylor (@StephanieTaylor), PCCC co-founders

P.S. Much respect for these members of Congress who did the right thing. Reward them here.

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Click here to donate to Omar and her colleagues’ campaigns.

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