The best I can say about Mitt Romney is that he ran for president as a Republican and somehow isn’t a garbage heap of hate and willful stupidity.

The second best thing I can say about him is Donald Trump despises him, which means he must be doing something right.

Today, he spoke truth to flounder with respect to the U.S.’ record on coronavirus testing, which Donald Trump is desperately trying to fluff up like the death cap mushroom in the middle of his fusty bog of a crotch, but which has been notoriously slow and sporadic since the coronavirus pandemic began to take root early this year.

During a Senate hearing today, Romney corrected Adm. Brett Girior, Donald Trump’s testing czar, who the day before had misleadingly asserted that the U.S. has tested twice as many people as South Korea, a country with only five deaths per million population compared to our 249.

ROMNEY: “I understand that politicians are going to frame data in a way that’s most positive politically. Of course, I don’t expect that from admirals. But yesterday you celebrated that we had done more tests and more tests per capita even than South Korea. But you ignored the fact that they accomplished theirs at the beginning of the outbreak while we treaded water during February and March, and as a result, by March 6 the U.S. had completed just 2,000 tests whereas South Korea had conducted more than 140,000 tests. So partially as a result of that they have 256 deaths and we have almost 80,000 deaths. I find our testing record nothing to celebrate whatsoever. The fact is their test numbers are going down, down, down, down now because they don’t have the kind of outbreak we have. Ours are going up, up, up as they have to. I think that’s an important lesson for us as we think about the future.”

Wait … wait … but …

… what about this banner? Is Romney saying this banner lies? Look how big it is! And it has the American flag on it and everything.

Of course, Romney is one of the few congressional Republicans who dares say true things in the face of Donald Trump’s fusillade of bullshit.

He’s not my favorite guy in the world — he is, after all, a Republican — but at least he can see through the bullshit and is willing to point it out.

If only more GOPsters had this sense of duty to country.

Ha ha ha! Oh, sometimes I just say things to amuse myself. Move along now.

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