Mitt Romney slams Trump's Testing Czar: Nothing to celebrate whatsoever

Mitt Romney showed his independence as he slammed the president and his Testing Czar much harder than even Democrats. Is he running for president?

Romney let busts the president lies on testing

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”I understand that politicians are going to frame data in a way that is most positive politically,” Mitt Romney said. “Of course, I don’t expect that from admirals. But yesterday you celebrated that we had done more tests and more tests per capita even than South Korea. But you ignore the fact that they accomplished theirs at the beginning of the outbreak while we treaded water during February and March and as a result by March 6th the US had completed just 200o tests whereas South Korea had conducted more than a hundred and forty thousand tests”

Mitt Romney was not done!

“So partially as a result of that,” Mitt Romney continued. “They have 256 deaths and we have almost 80,000 deaths. I find our testing record nothing to celebrate whatsoever. The fact is their test numbers are going down, down, down because they don’t have the kind of outbreak that we have. Ours are going up, up, up, as they have to. I think that is an important lesson for us as we think about the future.”

In later testimony, Alabama Senator Doug Jones would get into the act. It is as if Mitt Romney opened the door to be more hard-hitting. Jones pointed out that we have a nation with a population six times that of South Korea yet have three hundred times the number of deaths.

It is so important that we counter the Trump misinformation. Altogether, Mitt Romney and most Democrats did a very good job, not as hard-hitting as many would want but informative for Americans.

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