Mitt Romney calls out Republican Senators for lying to constituents, tell them the truth.

Mitt Romney calls out Republican Senators for lying to constituents, tell them the truth

Mitt Romney did not mince his words as he made it clear that Republican Senators should stop Electoral College objections and tell constituents the truth.

Mitt Romney said the right thing

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Mitt Romney had some prescient words at the joint session of Congress convened for the Electoral College count. He asked Senators to remove their objections to allow the state-by-state vote count to proceed without further delay. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, as of this post, continued his objection. Not even a Trump-instigated coup attempt was enough to give the Senator a conscious or a modicum of morality.

Romney said that no number of objections would have any of those who believe the election was rigged to change their minds. Why? Because Donald Trump continues to lie to his base with conspiracy stories.

Romney’s solution to that reality is simple. Tell constituents the truth.

Mitt Romney understands that the rest of the world is observing our deteriorating democracy. It was important that Congress immediately started deliberating the Electoral College vote count. It made it clear that the coup was unsuccessful.

Donald Trump should be removed from office by all means necessary. He is a clear and present danger to America. He is completely responsible for the coup attempt today. One hopes that he is made to pay for this treason.

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  • January 7, 2021