Mitch McConnell signs T-shirt joking about the death of Merrick Garland

Why? Because he’s the worst (er, second-worst) human being on the planet.

A random conservative goober tweeted out these photos of Mitch McConnell, memorializing the chelonian choad’s singular role in killing Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court nomination.

In case your eyes don’t stick 12 inches out of your head like Mitch’s do, the shirt says “Merrick Garland/3/16/16–1/3/17/Gone But Not Forgotten.” And he signed it and posed with it while wearing the very same shite-eating grin you’ve grown to detest.


Please, please, please let’s send this smug, scabrous ungulate-fucker back to the private sector, where he can work as a lobbyist for the dog-fighting industry … or whatever he might come up with that’s somehow degrees more repugnant than that. (I know you can do it, Mitch.)


Fuck you, Mitch. Forever.

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  • April 30, 2019