Missouri radio station continues to air literal Russian war propaganda

Before Vladimir Putin decided it was a swell idea to take his mass murdering to the next level, you almost had to squint to see the traitorous stains who walked among us. But the “savvy genius” who got hopelessly bogged down in Ukraine in less time than it takes Donald Trump to get his head stuck in a jumbo jar of Nutella shined a black light on some of our seedier nooks and crannies and—lo and behold!—looks like treason was the reason for the appeasin’.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has all but declared eternal fealty to the Motherland, and Trumpian Mini-Me’s like Madison Cawthorn and Marjorie Taylor Greene have decided to give plenty of aid and comfort to their longtime war-criminal crush, but the problem actually runs deeper than that.

Conservatives’ residual fondness for Putin, a putative “Christian” who hates “woke” ideologies like treating fellow humans with dignity and respect, is taking some time to fade, even as this strong and brilliant leader indiscriminately pounds free cities into rubble. And while I’d love to get a look at Tucker’s Venmo history, I can’t prove that he’s actually on Putin’s payroll. Unfortunately, at least one American most definitely is.

  • March 16, 2022
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