Missouri House Minority Leader accurately describes how horrible anti-abortion legislation is

Missouri State Rep. Crystal Quade (D-Springfield), who is the Minority Leader of the Missouri House of Representatives, issued this brutally accurate statement in response to Gov. Mike Parson (R-MO) signing Missouri’s draconian anti-abortion bill into law:


What Crystal said is a completely accurate description of the legal impact of Missouri HB126, if it is allowed to go into effect (there will likely be lawsuits over HB126, given that it flagrantly violates current U.S. Supreme Court precedent). Anti-abortion legislation like the laws that have been recently passed in states like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri do not regard women as people. Laws like Missouri’s HB126 regard pregnant women like an incubator for the fetuses they are carrying, and effectively give more rights to fetuses than people. Also, individual liberty does not exist when a pregnant woman can’t choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

I applaud Crystal Quade for her unwavering support for reproductive rights and her brutal accuracy in describing how horrible Missouri HB126 is.