Mississippi governor slips & tells Chuck Todd who’s really in charge

The governor of Mississippi appeared on MSNBC to discuss opening up more industries in his state. Portions of his state are very dependent on the gaming industry.

The governor started to explain how the state would come to the condition s to allow those industries to open. His conversations flowed in a matter-of-fact manner that generally gets politicians and others in trouble as the comfort level causes their walls to fall.

Mississippi Governor get caught telling the truth

Watch the entire episode of Politics Done Right here.

The governor without blinking an eye made it clear that the gaming industry would be writing the guidelines to get their Mississippi employees back yo work. The communication delay caused a slow response from Chuck Todd but the dereliction did not go by and he checked the governor.

Reeves immediately backtracked to make believe his state would just use the corporations’ “guidelines” as input. Of course, if it weren’t these corporations writing the guideline he would have said that they seek input from the corporations, not guidelines.

This is all too common as corporations are too often given the power to write rules. And who do you think ultimately benefits?

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  • April 25, 2020
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