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Minnesota Poll: Biden leads by 16% and 57% approve of Black Lives Matter

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Gravis Marketing released a poll today showing Joe Biden has a 58% to 42% lead in Minnesota, a closely divided state that was also the scene of racial and anti-police disturbances after the death of George Floyd on May 25.

In addition to being a state that Donald Trump came within 1.5% of winning in 2016, Minnesota borders the tossup state of Wisconsin and the competitive state of Iowa. While Biden has about a 10% lead nationally, a 16% lead (with a 4% margin of error) suggests he may be seeing an even larger shift in the upper Midwest from what Hillary Clinton managed in 2016.

The poll also asked questions about George Floyd’s death and the events that followed. When asked about the guilt of the police officers who were arrested in Floyd’s death, 51% said all four were guilty, 29% said Officer Chauvin was guilty, and four percent said none were guilty.

When asked about the protests that followed Floyd’s death, 24% said they felt mostly positive, 36% said they felt somewhat positive. Those who felt mostly negative were 33% in the survey and 3% said they felt somewhat negative.

Further, 32% strongly support Black Lives Matter, and 25% support it somewhat. Some 24% strongly disapprove of BLM and 14% disapprove somewhat. 

In the poll, Minnesota residents were asked what should happen to the Minneapolis police department. Reforming the department was approved by 62%, 14% said do nothing, 9% chose defunded, 8% want the department demilitarized, and 7% said disbanded.

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