Minerva @ Midnight: For every AOC there is her antithesis: MTG

Because Taylor Greene is all about the family values, the usual trolls made noise about FLOTUS sporting patterned stockings when you can google “Melania Trump nudes”.






Shades of Joe McCarthy and his lists of names or Trump and those missing 12,000 votes

I take exception to the characterization of sexual abuse as a “relationship” in the March 31 news article “Rep. Gaetz under federal scrutiny over alleged relationship with teen girl.”

All politics aside, sex with a minor is never a sexual “relationship.” It is sexual abuse. And, no, I don’t care if the minor is jumping up and down naked on your bed; he or she still is a minor.
Stop with the euphemisms on this topic.
Pamela Edwards, Falls Church




(Ezekiel 1:16-18: “This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel… Their rims were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around.”)




In the sixth and final episode of the series, Cullem Hoback presents his case for why he thinks the younger Watkins is Q. He mostly relies on circumstantial evidence that he’s collected through shooting the documentary, some of it compelling, some of it not. Much of it boils down to Ron’s inconsistent statements; he would one day seem to know Q’s intricate motivations and inner circle, and then he’d claim to know nothing about Q the next. Ron and his father also spend buckets of money on their hobby of collecting luxury watches and pens—Q has been known to post pictures of expensive-looking watches and pens in an attempt to prove that he’s in secure locations like Camp David. The piece of evidence that Hoback presents as the closest thing he has to a smoking gun is an apparent slip-up that Ron makes in an interview near the end. In his final conversation with Hoback, Ron seems to admit that he had been anonymously directing the analysis and research that 8chan users were conducting based on Q’s cryptic messages, even though he’d previously claimed to not be involved with any of the content on the site beyond his responsibilities as administrator. Ron, after briefly discussing his role in spreading conspiracy theories about voter fraud following the 2020 election, says, “It was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching normies how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I was doing anonymously before, but never as Q.” It’s deeply suspicious, but not quite enough to pin him as Q.







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