Millennial torches Michael Steele on Trump: “I don't miss normal” and all he could do is agree.

Brittany Packnett Cunningham had some interesting words for Michael Steele, I don’t miss normal. And while elaborating with passion his acquiescence was visible.

Millennial torches Michael Steele’s status quo mentality

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Michael Steele learned exactly what comfort tends to do to even those who many times suffer the same indignities, but spend most of their time in an elitist bubble. Brittany Packnett Cunningham would have none of it. She was respectful but forceful in her response.

Donald Trump has done one thing I think it’s important to know,” Michael Steele said. “And that is he’s made us appreciate normal. He’s made us appreciate what we’re now missing. We took a lot of that for granted. We took a lot of the institutions and the value of leadership you know men and women and service who actually empathize with our plight and at least, at least found the words to make us look past the difficulties. Now we know what it’s like to have those things disappear, to be after that, so if nothing else I guess, that’s the one good thing that comes out of what Donald Trump has done.”

Brittany Packnett Cunningham did not take kindly to that. She did not acquiesce to the polite nostalgia for the status quo.

“With due respect Mr. Steele,” Brittany Packnett Cunningham said. “I don’t miss normal. Normal was Michael Brown being killed, Sandra Bland being killed, Tamir rice being killed, a twelve-year-old in Ohio playing with a toy. That’s happened under a Democratic administration. The truth of the matter is no matter who’s in office, America was built on the backs of black people but has never actually protected those same black people. So I don’t miss normal.”

Brittany had much more to say. Most of the folks in the streets don’t miss normal either. She went through a litany of things that prove why the status quo just won’t do. It is a must watch to the end.

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