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Mike Pompeo was Glad to Be Out of D.C. – Then He Sat Down With Dogged Local Reporter Nancy Amons.

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Mike Pompeo was having a great day in Nashville yesterday, speaking to his homies, a group of Christian counselors, and just glad to be out of D.C. on the day one of his former employees punched a hole you could drive a truck through in the wall of obstruction drumpf’s built around the W.H. and State Dept.

Then he sat down with another determined woman, WSMV’s Nancy Amons…

His day went downhill really fast.

(parens mine)

(Nancy)“Amons: In mid-February, you were in Warsaw, and so was Rudy Giuliani. During your time there, did you meet with Giuliani?

Pompeo: You know, I don't talk about who I meet with. I went to Warsaw for a particular purpose. It was an important mission. We brought together people all across the world to take down the world's largest state-sponsored terror, the Islamic Republic of Iran. That's what I worked on on that mission.

Amons: So you're not going to say whether or not you met with him?

Pompeo: So when I was in Warsaw, I had a singular focus. My focus was singularly on the work that we have done, effective work, to recover from what the Obama administration has done, which is to underwrite the world's largest state-sponsor of terror. We've stopped that, we're making real progress.

Amons: It sounds like you're not going to say?

Pompeo: When I was in Warsaw, we were working diligently to accomplish the mission to take down the terror regime that is inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. That's what I worked on, that's the only thing that I engaged in while I was there.

News4 asked about text messages that show diplomats under his authority told the Ukrainians that a good relationship with President Trump was only possible if they investigated his political opponent.

Amons: Were you aware that this was happening?

Pompeo: Again, you've got your facts wrong–it sounds like you're working at least in part for the Democratic National Committee.”

Nope, Mike, just a good journalist refusing to stick to your talking points and asking the tough questions to inform the public.

And though she didn’t get an answer, your refusal to respond spoke volumes.
You can watch the interview below, the quoted part starts at 5:05, but Nancy started roasting him when they first sat down…

Thank you Ms. Amons.

If we get out of this mess a lot of the credit will redound to brave women like yourself and Amb. Yovanovitch.

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