Kevin Sheekey, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager, was interviewed by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle after a mob of Dem senators and other candidates went Ides of March on his ass last night, and the best Sheekey could say about Bloomie’s performance was that he’ll do better:



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“Yeah, listen, I think Mike’s got to get his legs under him. Certainly he had a better second half of the debate than the first, I will admit that. This is his first debate since he ran in his last election in 2009. It’s the first debate in this cycle. You know, he got his legs quickly in the second half, and I think people recognized that. He’s competing against career politicians who have spent the entirety of the last year and, quite frankly, most of their lives doing exactly what they saw last night.”

It’s going to be kind of hard for Bloomberg to get his legs under him considering Elizabeth Warren tore them from his torso and is still beating him to death with them. But, hey, maybe Bloomberg’s brain trust will come up with a far more inspiring way for him to stand around looking like a stunned cow on her way to the abattoir floor.

Or maybe he’ll just buy a few hundred million dollars’ worth of ads to try to convince people to forget all about his debate performance.

Yeah, that’s way more likely, come to think of it.

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