Well, “friends” might be a stretch. I don’t think Trump actually has friends. Associates? Gobsmacked, open-mouthed starers?

Mike Bloomberg knows Donald Trump and knows how to get his goat. After Trump attacked the self-made billionaire business genius’ height yet again this morning, Bloomberg hit Trump where it hurts:



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As a real businessman who actually made his own fortune, Bloomberg knows what he’s talking about. I don’t want him as our nominee, but I sure hope he keeps smashing Pumpkin (metaphorically, of course).

Seriously, though. Donald Trump bankrupted casinos. CASINOS! It would be easier to lose your house because your 5-year-old daughter ran a failed lemonade stand. It’s like a male prostitute choking to death on his own dick. A gaming license is essentially a license to print money, FFS. 

As well as anyone else, Bloomberg can explain to people that Trump is an idiot businessman who screwed up his businesses and the country. I sure hope he keeps this up after he drops out.

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