It remains bizarre to me that Donald Trump is the president of the United States. If I’d woken up yesterday from a 20-year coma to discover Carrot Top or Fred “Rerun” Berry was president, I would have been marginally less surprised.

But the day-to-day reality of Trump’s presidency is even more shocking than the fact that he’s president. It’s as if the guy who ends up in the county jail twice a week for masturbating in the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit was suddenly given a reality show … and that show is on every channel … and we’re all pretty much forced to watch.

So when Trump does shit like this …

… we sigh and move on with our day, because Donald Trump being a raging, irresponsible asshole has become such an ordinary fact of life, it’s often difficult to summon the appropriate measure of anger.

Well, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough’s wife and MSNBC co-host, has had enough. She wants Trump bounced off Twitter over tweets like the one above and a boatload of other transgressions, and she seems prepared to do something about it.

Back in October, Twitter issued some tepid backwash about world leaders (i.e., Trump — no one else behaves this way) and their tweets.

It went on and on, but the gist was captured in this sentence:

In other cases involving a world leader, we will err on the side of leaving the content up if there is a clear public interest in doing so.

Uh huh. What’s the public interest in falsely accusing a media figure — one who’s been particularly critical of you — of murder? Seriously. I’ll wait.

Granted, getting Trump kicked off Twitter — or even suspended — is a long shot. But at the very least, those of us with Twitter accounts can retweet Brzezinski’s demand for action.

Others have gone a step further:

Oh, and it’s not just us snowflakes who are concerned. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican U.S. representative from Illinois, ripped into the moldering muskmelon head as well:

Other than being concerned about government reprisals, I can’t imagine why Twitter would let this go on. Common decency alone demands that it end.

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