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Michigan's Man of the Year threatens funding to Michigan while floods hit a Michigan town

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Trump: “I was honored as the Man of the Year in Michigan… 5 or 6 years before I even thought about running for President.”


— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) May 20, 2020

President Donald Trump has claimed no fewer than seven times over the past three years — including at a recent rally in New Hampshire — that he won Michigan’s “man of the year” award. But there’s no evidence that he did.

We scoured news archives and searched the internet, and came up empty. Other media outlets have looked into it too, with a similar lack of results. And Trump’s campaign isn’t commenting.

This is what we did find: It appears that Trump is referring to a 2013 dinner hosted by a county Republican Party organization, which presented him with token gifts – including a statuette of Abraham Lincoln. But a former Republican congressman who organized the dinner said Trump did not receive an award, and the group has never given out “man of the year” awards.…



— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) May 20, 2020




— POLITICO (@politico) May 20, 2020


— Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) May 20, 2020

The WaPo is reporting that Flynn's name was never “masked” in his phone calls with Kislyak.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s name was never “masked” by the FBI in the document that cited it. It flies in the face of President Donald Trump’s claim that someone illegally leaked it form former President Barack Obama’s administration.

According to the story from the Washington Post, the Republican attempt to tie former Vice President Joe Biden to a scandal that doesn’t exist has failed spectacularly.

According to the report: “in the FBI report about the communications between the two men, Flynn’s name was never redacted, former U.S. officials said.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced that he wants to subpoena witnesses over the unmasking of Flynn. He sent a letter demanding Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell ask why a declassified list of Obama officials made the requests “that revealed Flynn’s name in intelligence documents ‘did not contain a record showing who unmasked’ Flynn’s identity in relation to “his phone call with” the Russian diplomat, Sergey Kislyak,” said the Post.…


— Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) May 20, 2020


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