Michigan Poll has Biden Beating Trump 52% to 41%


An Epic-MRA poll of Michigan voters released today shows Donald Trump trailing in the key battleground state of Michigan, a state he won by less than 1% in 2016.

Biden is the only Democrat polled against Trump by Epic-MRA. He leads in the Detroit area 57% to 35%, and leads among all age groups. For voters under 34 years, the Democrat leads by 65% to 27%. Trump and Biden tie among white voters but Biden leads 95% to 3% for African Americans.

  • While Democrats supported Biden 93%-2%, Trump can't count on the same level of support from Republicans, with 83% supporting him and 12% backing Biden. Meanwhile, among self-described independents, 48% supported Biden, 36% supported Trump and 16% were undecided.  

Live statewide survey of 600 active and likely voters performed June 8-12. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


A Detroit News Poll released May 30 showed a a similar 12 point lead for Biden. That poll showed Trump losing in Michigan to all the other Democrats polled, including Sanders (53%-41%), Warren (47%-43%), Harris (47%-44%), and Buttigieg (47%-41%).

Website 538 rates Epic-MRA as a B+ poll with 0.2% Republican lean.


ABC reports on the Republican internal poll that was taken in March and so upset Trump he ordered his aides to lie about it. Trump’s campaign now is claiming there has been a massive swing toward Trump since late March.


The polling data, revealed for the first time by ABC News, showed a double-digit lead for Biden in Pennsylvania 55-39 and Wisconsin 51-41 and had Biden leading by seven points in Florida. In Texas, a Republican stronghold, the numbers showed the president only leading by two points.


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