Michigan Lt. Gov. decimated Trump’s defense for COVID response & destruction of the economy

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist did not mince his words as he decimated the president. He made all the president defenses moot as he proved Trump's callous incompetence.

Trump's shallow response decimated by Gilchrist

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Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist appeared on an MSNBC program hosted by Katy Tur. Please put him on the campaign trail. Gilchrist tactically decimated Trump's many excuses for lying to Americans. Trump knew about the deadliness, infectiousness, and transmissibility of COVID-19.

Gilchrist made it clear that unlike the president, Michigan started preparing for COVID-19 before they detected it in the state. He then enumerated how Trump's failure to act was directly responsible for thousands of deaths.

“While he was lying in a dangerous and deadly way about COVID-19,” Gilchrist said. “He was also blocking states like Michigan from having the resources that we needed to respond. We did not have and still do not have a national testing strategy. We still don't have a national approach to virus and contact tracing. We still don't have the infrastructure for isolation. We've had to create that on the fly in Michigan. Thanks to Michiganders actually listening to the science and wearing masks as we've asked them to do in the state of Michigan because the president refuses to call for that in any consistent or substantive way. He is killing people.”

Gilchrist said that in Michigan, they've acted in spite of the president. He would later say that the president's failure created a bidding war among states. He destroyed the economy.

Every Democrat running should be ready and articulate like this young man on the issue. Additionally, they must make it clear that every Republican was complicit in Trump's actions and failures. They must not allow any of the Republican politicians to get away from that record of failure, one that inflicted material and psychological harm on many Americans.

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  • September 11, 2020