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Michigan AG: We must continue to ban marriage equality to protect the dignity of same-sex couples

Originally posted at Eclectablog.

Michigan's Bigot-in-Chief, Attorney General Bill Schuette, has put forth some pretty remarkable excuses for his crusade to ensure that same-sex couples cannot marry or adopt children together. For example, he suggested that marriage in our state is for regulating sexual relationships to make babies, news that came as a HUGE surprise to Michigan couples who cannot or choose not to have children but marry anyway.

Schuette has also argued that Michigan voters decided this over a decade ago so that's that and we don't need to consider whether or not opinions have changed or even if the ban actually violates the U.S. Constitution.

But, in a brief filed with the Supreme Court on Thursday, Schuette makes his most laughably ridiculous and Orwellian excuse yet. According to Schuette, and I am not making this up, keeping our same-sex marriage ban in place is important for preserving the dignity of the same-sex couples who are denied the right to marry.

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