2016 left quicksand under the feet of many as what they thought was a certainty was not realized. Michael Moore and others foresaw it.

Is Michael Moore no longer very worried?

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Before I get started, here is my ask. If you have any worries about this election's outcome, please turn that worry into phone banking, safe canvassing, or some activity to get more people to the polls in your state or others. I am not worried this time, but I am phone banking a bit when I can steal a few minutes. I also use every one of my broadcasts on-air and on the internet, and many of my blogs to GOTV.

That said, I want every Democrat and Progressive to display a necessary assertiveness and surety for a landslide. If we cannot get that with this president who has murdered many not only with the self-infliction of a pandemic but actions such as the decimation of parts of Obamacare that left many uninsured, we do not deserve to govern.

Most importantly, if we do not act out the polls that are likely biased towards Trump because of the misinterpretation of 2016, we allow the Right to entertain the belief that there is some plausibility for a Trump win. That emboldens them instead of preparing them for the repudiation of the evil excuse for a human being that is currently the leader of the “free world.”

So please, brothers and sisters, lean into the landslide and be a part of its realization by working it. It is up to us to win. We have the numbers and the moral base.

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