Michael Moore eases Chris Matthews’ mind on Central Park execution if Bernie elected :)

Michael Moore teased Chris Matthews about his hyperventilation on Central Park executions if Bernie Sanders gets elected.

Michael Moore eases Chris Matthews mind on Central Park execution if Bernie wins

Recently Chris Matthews went on a socialism rant that was not too kind to his perceived intellect. He went into right-field about being taken to Central Park and being executed if Bernie instituted his policies.

Chris Hayes attempted to assure Matthews that in fact, Bernie's policies were more in line with Denmark than North Korea. It seems Matthews should be more concerned with the current president than a potential Bernie presidency given Trump's actual actions. Matthews continued his hyperventilation.

“I don't know what he means by socialism,” Matthews said. “One week it's Denmark. Okay, that is harmless. That is basically a capitalist country with a good social welfare program.”

“He is pretty clearly in the Denmark category,” Chris Hayes said.

“How do you know,” Matthews continued with his hyperventilation. “Did he tell you that?”

“That is what he says,” Hayes responded as an educated journalist who read the Sanders platform. “That's what his agenda calls for.”

In a more recent interview, Matthews brought on Michael Moore to discuss healthcare, the election, and other issues. Matthews told Moore that all of the Bernie consortia were always welcome to appear on his show. He hoped to hear from Nina Turner and others.

Michael Moore decided at the end of the interview to tease Matthews. It is clear he saw the recent Matthews hyperventilation of Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism.

“We want to assure you we will never take you into Central Park and do any harm to you,” Moore said funnily. “We just won't do that.”

Chris Matthews took the tease in style and deferred the discussion to another time. He pointed out that his show is not about his ideas but everybody else's. I loved that as it is the same way I conduct Politics Done Right.

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  • February 16, 2020