Michael Bloomberg adviser Tim O’Brien promises 'scorched-earth' campaign against Trump's children.


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Michael Bloomberg advisor Tim O’Brien informed Joy Reid on her show Saturday morning that the wrath of the Bloomberg media campaign will be unleashed in a brutal, take no prisoners “scorched-earth” campaign focused on Trump’s adult children with first wife, Ivana.

The warning to the grifters occupying the White House is to either drop the attacks on Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Burisma or else they will face the metaphorical, both barrels blasting, directed at them with zero mercy.

Oh dear.

Tim O’brien stated the following on AM Joy yesterday.

“The Trump family are epic grifters, and this goes back generations. Fred Trump made his money by intersecting with both the federal government and state governments in New York. Donald Came up through New York, intersecting with local government and Atlantic City. Now they are in the White House and all of them are dipping their faces into the till. And if the Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden, which is very low-hanging fruit that I don’t think most Democratic voters care about anyway, there is going to be a scorched-earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is unlike anything they have experienced in the media.”

In case you missed it. O’brien speaks at 4:00.


The ads will surely come to pass as Trump and the GOP just can’t help themselves from running a scorched earth campaign themselves.

Payback is a bitch.

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