Michael Bennet gives bumbling answer to MSNBC Host call-out on his Medicare for All dis.

MSNBC host Katy Tur allowed Michael Bennet to hang himself as he tried to dis Medicare for All and still call himself a transformational leader, a progressive leader. He became a bumbling politician whose narrative was severely flawed.

Michael Bennet has been one of the major hitmen for Medicare for All for some time. He evangelizes his opposition on every network and program that would have him. Check out some of his deeds of M4A sabotage here and here.

Katy Tur calls out Sen. Michael Bennet

Katy Tur first used Bennet’s own words to show that he acknowledges that America needs transformational change yet his support for that kind of change is at best flaccid.

“It seems like you are saying that the Democracy we are currently living in, it doesn’t work,” Katy Tur said. ” It is broken which calls for foundational change. But you are not a foundational change candidate. Why are you not a candidate calling for Medicare for All like some of the other candidates? Why are you not a candidate coming out there and saying we need to fix Washington and in order to fix it we’ve got to change from the ground up? Why are you so in the moderate wing.”

Now that is how you put a corporate shill on the spot. It was clear he was not ready for that. As she spoke he seemed like a deer staring at headlights. After bumbling for a few seconds, he said he is a foundational candidate more than the others offering Medicare for All.

Katy interjected, “Why?”

He called Medicare for All an empty promise. Katy then asked the prescient questions. If Canada and other purported lesser countries can, why can’t Americans. Of course, we know the real answer. For too long we have been indoctrinated into a false belief that our system was the best and we have not looked objectively at systems that are cheaper, safer, and with a lower mortality rate.

The most ridiculous response he gave for the reason we should not have Medicare for All is that we already have a healthcare system. Yes, Senator Michael Bennet. We have one that does not work for too many and too often bankrupts too many. He calls fighting for Medicare for All a losing battle. We have too many weaklings running as Democrats. And the base is starting to get it. That is why Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders combine for almost 50% of the vote while the fear vote goes to Biden.

I do not hold the fear of Medicare for All against our every-day citizens. I do hold it against the candidates, other politicians, and other leaders who know the math, other countries’ results, and outcomes. They are inherently evil to push a corporate product that harms instead of working in the interest of their constituents. We must justifiably demonize them early and frequently in this campaign. We must call them out as cowards working against their constituents before we are too far into the election. We must coalesce in the right place.

  • November 9, 2019
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