I have been getting out the vote and there seems to be some dems afraid to go vote.  Come on, put on your mask and vote.  You have a voice and you have a stake in this race.  We are depending on you.  No one is asking you to put on body armour and dive into a line of fire.  We the democrats, are asking you to GO VOTE.

You have been hurt by the incompetence of the handling of Covid and you are hurting financially.   We in the other parts of the state are voting or have voted.

Too many people have bled and died for your voice.  John Lewis, God rest his soul had courage beyond unthinkable odds.   You can be a hero today.  You can be a hero for Florida.   Don’t shiver and shake and cover your heads.  Don’t get on the computer and gripe about Florida being in such bad shape.  Pull up your imaginary voting combat boots and punch that ballot for Biden /Harris.   Don’t let a Trump voter voice your future.   VOTE!   We need your vote more this year than any other election.  Don’t wait…Just do it.  We need you.  We need every single vote.  This country cannot afford a downturn in Miami Dade.  Hurricanes are going to get worse and YOUR area is in the line of fire.  Trump wins, do you think Miami -Dade will be treated any better than Puerto Rico was?  No.  Not under a Trump administration. Value your life and property.  The Trump Administration might if you are lucky throw you a couple of rolls of paper towels should you have the unfortune of a storm surge.

Look at your children.  Look at your own lives.  Climate change is real.  The Supreme Court is real.  The Latinos I have spoken to in central Florida are proudly casting their votes for Biden/Harris.

We need to get this country on track.  Don’t sit back.  It is time to show your support and do your part to hang on to democracy.


        V O T E !

Don’t be discouraged.   We need you !   Time to heal.  Florida…..do us proud this time.