MI-Sen: VoteVets Wastes No Time Helping Veteran Gary Peters (D) Win Re-Election


Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D. MI) re-election campaign:

Throughout his career in the House and the Senate, Gary Peters has been a true friend to veterans and military families.

He's fought for fully funding veterans' health care, ensuring survivors of the fallen receive full benefits, and supported a repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. And most importantly, he’s stood up to the Trump administration and operated as one of the more effective voices in the fight.

Today, he got a Republican opponent — one who announced on Fox News just a few hours ago.

Gary needs our help to fight back. We have to make sure he has the resources to win this race. Chip in today:

Can you split a $3 contribution between Gary Peters’ re-election campaign and VoteVets' work to re-elect him? Gary’s voice is critical. And so is this seat. Chip in today.

Lose this seat, we have no chance at taking the Senate. Lose this seat, it probably means Trump wins Michigan and is re-elected. Those are the stakes, and why your contribution is so important.

All my best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

Click here to donate to Peters’ re-election campaign.