MI-Sen: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Gives Gary Peters (D) A Boost Before Trump Heads To Michigan


Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) in support of U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D. MI) re-election campaign:


President Trump is heading to Michigan for a rally tonight — and we know what that means.

Trump, Republicans, and special-interest groups are going to flood the state with dark money just like they do in Ohio.

And they’ve set their sights on my friend Sen. Gary Peters’ seat.

Trump is going to give his strongest support to Gary’s opponent. You’ve shown your support before and we need to keep sending our support to Gary so he can fight back. Will you split a contribution between Gary’s campaign and mine before Trump’s rally in Michigan?

Trump has broken countless promises to bring back jobs in states like Michigan and Ohio that have been hit hard by his bad economic policies. We need leaders in Congress who will keep their promises and fight for the Dignity of Work.

That’s exactly the kind of leader Gary is.

You know just how important this blue seat is in 2020. We can’t afford to lose any ground. Samuel — split a contribution between his campaign and mine before Trump’s rally in Michigan tonight.

With gratitude,


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  • December 18, 2019