MI-Sen: Sen. Kamala Harris (D. CA) Refuses To Let Trump & Moscow Mitch Defeat Gary Peters (D)

Senator Gary Peters (D-Michigan), first elected to the Senate after Carl Levin's retirement.

Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA), in support of U.S. Senator Gary Peters’ (D. MI) re-election campaign:

Sen. Gary Peters (D. MI)


We know how important this election year is going to be. For our country; for our justice system; for our families — November 3rd, 2020 will be the most consequential election in our lifetimes.

It’s why I’m writing to you today about a state Democrats cannot afford to lose: Michigan.

My friend Gary Peters is running for reelection to the Senate, and he needs your support. This is a race that will be neck-and-neck till the end, and this could be the difference between whether Michigan goes blue or turns red just like 2016.

So today, I’m asking if you will help us support Gary Peters, who is running to keep Michigan blue and flip the Senate.

If you are able, split a donation today between our campaign and Gary Peters to help give him the resources he’ll need to win this battleground state!

This won't be an easy race, friends. Gary’s been outraised for three quarters in a row thanks to Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos and Mitch McConnell funneling millions to uplift his opponent.

Republicans are building the ultimate war chest to defeat Gary and buy this seat. It’s why he’ll need your help.

If you are able, use the link below to split a donation between us and Gary’s campaign today:


Thank you for showing your support,


Click here to donate to Peters’ re-election campaign.

  • June 24, 2020