Look, I know you just love talking about Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

I get it, really I do, they are fucking nuts, fine, great.

But my god, if you just glimpse at it, it is Trump central.

I am sure one diary a day [one per week even] summarizing his lunacy would be more than enough, because after awhile the same message repeated ad infinitum just gets tedious and worst of all they lose any impact they might have had.

I thought the objective of this site was to elect more and better democrats?

Where are they? You must have some you can write about across the USofA?

Or is it just too damn easy to jump up and down and say

Oh look, Republicans they be crazy!

It works for about five minutes, but what else is being proposed?

I know that I often preach to the choir, but this Trump is bad mania has gotten to the point of being a total waste of space.

Go on give it a go convince me there are some worthwhile Democrats out there because in Vermont we have given you quite a few good ones. Tell me about yours, the up and coming ones, personally I cant follow all the states.

Tell me how you are going to win back the Senate, let alone the house.

Oh wait!

Trump said what? Really?

What a fucking surprise.

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