My recent twitter-sparring with a “pro-lifer” jolted me back to my early school years. 

I must have been about 9 years old when I first learned about WWII. I vaguely remember reading some of Hitler’s  rantings about people he deemed evil and criminal. I also remember seeing pictures of him always being “heiled” and thinking how odd it would be to have a leader who constantly demanded praise. (I couldn’t imagine people doing that to Jimmy Carter.)  

I read about the concentration camps at Dachau and Auschwitz. I saw small children in prisoner uniforms huddled in cages, like the one above. I asked my history teacher why no one stopped this. How was it possible that they let that happen?  

I don’t remember what my teacher said—only that she didn’t answer the question. However, I do remember thinking how awful the German people must be.  No country full of good people would suffer such a tyrant and ignore such horrors inflicted on their fellow man.  Thank God I live in  America in 1980.

My twitter spat had my asking this person how he could claim to be a Christian pro-lifer who protests “abortion clinics”, but seems to have no problem with Jeff Session’s horrible policy of ripping very small children from their mother’s arms and throwing them into cages for no reason except to “send a message” to others.  

I also posted a PBS article detailing how US Health and Human Services released some unaccompanied children to the custody of people who turned out to be human traffickers.

The response was utterly chilling: I DON’T CARE.

To be followed by comments from others, which I summarize as essentially:

  • Take care of American children. 
  • Not my problem.
  • Screw ‘em.
  • If the parents didn’t want this to happen, they shouldn’t have come here [seeking asylum].
  • Look where they come from.

Despite the fact that they are fleeing violence in their home countries– (not to mention the fact that much of it was caused by us)—the view is that the children deserve to suffer for it. 


The conditions of these facilities are so deplorable that a sitting US Senator was kept out.  These small kids have swollen eyes from crying so hard, sleeping on cold floors—and that fills me with a rage that I can barely contain. The separation policy has led to very traumatic situations: 

Yet to a disturbingly large segment of our population, these innocent children just don’t matter.

(And just to be clear, there is NO LAW that requires parents to be separated from children. This is yet another lie by Donald Trump.)