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Mention of KY-6th Congressional District as Possible Bellwether for Midterms.

Sometimes he can be irritating, but Steve Kornacki mentioned on “All In with Chris Hayes” that a possible bellwether for the House in this midterm election is KY-6th Congressional District.  As a reminder, this race is between Tea Party Republican Congressman Andy Barr and Democrat Amy McGrath.  The KY-6th went double digits for Trump in 2016, but the race between Barr and McGath is labeled a “toss up.” 

It’s a district that has a more liberal city in it, Lexington, but Lexington is surrounded by rural Kentucky counties.  However, McGrath defeated Lexington Mayor Gray in the Democratic primary this year with help from the those same rural counties.  Because the polls close relatively early in KY, this district is literally going to be one of the first reported.

How is McGrath playing in the KY-6th?

  In 2010 and 2012, Andy Barr criticized his Democratic opponent for not debating. In 2016, he was criticized by his Democratic opponent for not debating. Now, he’s back to criticizing his latest Democratic opponent, former fighter pilot Amy McGrath, for dodging debates….

Barr and McGrath have agreed to appear in an Oct. 29 candidate forum on KET, alongside Libertarian Frank Harris, but couldn’t agree to a second televised debate. McGrath accepted a debate on WLEX moderated by Matt Jones and Lee Cruse, but Barr declined. Barr accepted a debate on WKYT, but McGrath has not accepted….

It’s a stark role-reversal from Barr’s last campaign in Central Kentucky’s Sixth Congressional District. In 2016, Barr agreed to only two appearances with his opponent, Democrat Nancy Jo Kemper, as she repeatedly called on him to debate the issues.

“All his ads are attacks,” Nickolas (McGrath’s campaign manager) said. “He’s a coward and now that he’s about to lose he’s trying to score political points. It’s what losing candidates do.”

According to University of Louisville Political Science Professor Steven Voss, McGrath’s internal polls show her ahead, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize her lead with any unforced errors.  Also, while Barr says she is out of touch with the voters in the district, Voss dismissed this charge because of the amount of time she has spent meeting voters.

And another possible indicator of things to come in this district:

Democrat Amy McGrath announced Monday that her campaign raised $3.65 million in the third quarter for her bid against GOP Rep. Andy Barr in Kentucky’s 6th District.

The $3.65 million haul came from more than 32,000 donations, according to the campaign, which said it has raised $6.65 million since it began in August last year. McGrath finished the third quarter, which ended on Sept. 30, with $1.7 million in the bank.

She is more than competitive with Barr on money raised.  And Former Vice President Joe Biden is coming out to campaign for her.

Thought you all would want to know.

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