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Mentally ill incarcerated woman screams for help and gives birth alone in lockup.

I hate stories like this but feel it is necessary to make people aware that cruelty is growing in America.  This incident is probably just one of many but this one got reported.  

Yes, she is black, of course.   Was there ever any question of her race when you read the details?…

According to Finkelstein, jail and medical personnel knew Jackson was at full-term and near giving birth when she was booked on March 27. The staffers at the jail, described by BSO’s website as “a minimum to medium security, special needs detention facility,” were also aware of her mental illness.

A jailed and pregnant mentally ill woman was forced to deliver her child alone in an “isolation cell” last month as corrections officers ignored her cries for help, Broward County’s public defender charged on Friday.   inkelstein said two weeks later, just after 3 a.m., she began complaining of contractions and asked for help. Yet, according to Finkelstein, instead of transporting her to a hospital, staff tried reaching an on-call physician. At 7:22 a.m. that morning, Finkelstein said, the doctor said he was on his way. Then at 9 a.m., about an hour before she gave birth, the woman said she was bleeding and still alone in her cell.

Her crime?   Drug abuse and trespassing while sleeping on a public street with drug paraphenalia.…

Everyday, I want to just scream of the abuses happening daily .  About that baby?  They took the baby away but

Jackson remains in the custody of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, but is currently in the hospital recovering, said Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes, who also signed the letter to Sheriff Tony. Weekes could not provide details on the baby’s condition.

I heard on the news this AM that Florida Law Enforcement is teaming up with ICE.

The Stormtroopers got reinforcements.

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