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I write this sitting in a Starbucks, as my wife prepares for a trip to the Outer Banks for a few day’s respite on this holiday weekend.

As of Wednesday I will be 72 years and 8 months old, with my next birthday in 4 months. I am feeling my age, and wondering about the future, even as I reflect about the past.  And I write in the context of having just read a Facebook post by a student I taught in the 2013-14 school year when he was a junior, who just started his student teaching (I offered a few thoughts to consider). I think he will be at least the 80th person I have taught who have at least for a while stepped into the role of K-12 classroom teacher.  Perhaps that is a comfort as I begin to accept that my own time in the classroom is in all likelihood coming to an end, perhaps this year, in at most another 3-4 four.

The thoughts I will offer will have no overall arching theme, nothing to connect them beyond coming from what passes as my mind.  Come along if you are inclined. I certainly will understand if you do not.